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Arzel MOD-DMP Modulating Bypass Damper Only

  • $191.00

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Brand: Arzel

Product Code: MOD-DMPXX


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The ModuPass® system works with variable speed motors and constantly monitors the static pressure in the trunk and adjusts to allow the prescribed amount of bypass air. The barometric bypass damper is an economical solution for non-variable speed blowers to overcome objectionable air noise.

Item IDDesc.Item IDDesc.
MOD-DMP088″ Damper OnlyMOD-BYP088″ Modulating Bypass Kit
MOD-DMP1010″ Damper OnlyMOD-BYP1010″ Modulating Bypass Kit
MOD-DMP1212″ Damper OnlyMOD-BYP1212″ Modulating Bypass Kit
MOD-DMP1414″ Damper OnlyMOD-BYP1414″ Modulating Bypass Kit

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