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Arzel Airboss Multi Zone Control Panel

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Brand: Arzel

Product Code: PAN-AB


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The AirBoss works with any heat pump system and single or multi-stage equipment.  The system comes from the factory set for use with furnaces.  

The Arzel zoning sytem AirBoss can function up to eight zones.  Some of its most liked features from our customers include the ability to be used with any 24 volt zystem including geothermal.  Therefore, it benefits both those in new construction or just renovations.   In addition, customers appreciate that it can work without the air temperature sensor.  Finally, staging timers  eliminate the need for multi state thermostats if you are operating on multi-stage unit.

  • Comprehensive LED status display
  • Master zone control for unoccupied system set back from zone one programmable thermostat
  • On-board second stage delay time eliminates the need for two stage thermostats
  • Leaving air temperature (LAT) control provides operating limits for equipment.
  • Unlimited slave zones can be added.
  • Residential & light commercial up to eight zones
  • Single stage
  • Variable speed
  • Furnace
  • Air conditioner
  • Heat pump
  • Dual Fuel

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