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Spacepak vs Unico

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We here at Skip The Warehouse understand that it is important to understand the benefits when choosing your high velocity, small duct system manufacturer.  We have sold high velocity (both Unico and Spacepak) since 2011 and our experience has given us the opportunity to provide a recommendation.  We recommend you choose The Unico System and here is why: 

Skip The Warehouse is a United States Marine Corps Veteran owned business, Unico was founded by a US Marine.  Unico values our service members.
Unico's customer service and technical support lines are exceptional, Spacepak’s are poor.  You can text, or call Unico and someone will always pick up.  Unico answers.  Spacepak does not.
The Unico “air handler” consist of two modules (blower module and coil module) that connect like a suitcase which provides the following benefits.
                 Less effort to get a smaller piece of equipment into an attic space
                 If there is a leak in the coil or something wrong with the blower, you can always just replace one module instead of replacing the entire unit.
We have seen a rise in customer complaints about failed Spacepak control boards, switches and sensors.
Unico is AHRI rated with heat pumps and air conditioning condensers.
Unico is made in the USA.

In the end, it is a simple choice; always go with Unico.

Spacepak vs. Unico Measurements