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SANCO2 119 Gallon High Efficient Heat Pump Water Heater System

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Brand: Eco2 Systems

Product Code: GS4-45HPC SAN-119GLBK


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SANCO2 FG2-6L Trace Heat Cable SANCO2 FG2-6L Trace Heat Cable
SANCO2 ECO-FPVKT-SMTW Freeze Protection Valve Kit SANCO2 ECO-FPVKT-SMTW Freeze Protection Valve Kit

As a highly energy-efficient alternative to the traditional electric or gas water heater, our unique system saves money, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and eliminates the production of carbon monoxide.

The SANCO² heat pump water heater system consists of two parts. The heat pump unit, where the hot water is produced, using the CO2 refrigerant to extract heat from the ambient air, and the 43, 83 and 119 gallon storage tank.

High Performance:

The SANCO² unit has the highest UFHR (Uniform First Hour Rating) of any comparably sized Storage Electric or Heat Pump Water Heater.  The Natural Refrigerant (CO² ) used by the SANCO2 allows it to make and store hotter water than any other Heat Pump Water Heater. This means there is more energy stored in the tank which translates into more hot water delivered via the factory supplied Mixing Valve.

Energy Efficiency:

The SANCO² unit works to maximize the UEF value not only in the test lab, but also in real world operation due to several of its unique features:  

  • Inverter Compressor Inverter C ompressors increase the efficiency of a heat pump by varying the speed of the compressor and hence the amount of electrical energy used.  
  • DC Fan Motor & Water Pump T he other motors in the SANCO², the fan and water pump, are also powered by direct current (DC), just like the Inverter Compressor. This allows both to run at a speed based on load requirements to optimize energy efficiency.


  • 43 Gallon System: GS4-45HPC + SAN-43SSAQA
  • 83 Gallon System: GS4-45HPC + SAN-83SSAQA
  • 119 Gallon System: GS4-45HPC + SAN-119GLBK

Warranty: 3 Year Labor and 10 Year Parts on Heat Pump, 15 Year Lifetime Warranty on Tank

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pdf-50x50.png G4 Owners Manual.pdf 4.21MB 677
pdf-50x50.png G4 Installation Manual.pdf 8.05MB 620
pdf-50x50.png Eco2 Systems Brochure.pdf 1.24MB 616
pdf-50x50.png GS4-45HPC + SAN-119GLBK Submittal.pdf 390.02KB 617


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