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ClearWave - Easy Install Do-it-yourself Water Conditioner - No Plumbing Involved

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Brand: Field Controls

Product Code: CW-125


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This hard water conditioner breaks down water's hard metals such as calcium and magnesium that damage pipes (copper, pvc, galvanized and stainless steel) on water heaters, showers, clothing washing machines (even diminishing soap performance), dish washers, refrigerators and other expensive appliances.  With the do-it-yourself ClearWave CW-125 system, you can have peace and mind knowing that your pipes are protected from build-up and expensive repairs.  This system is the ultimate solution for hard water problems.  There is no maintenance requirement once installed and it has prevented water heaters from becoming damaged and flooding basements. 

• Salt free
• Environmentally friendly
• Removes existing scale
• Maintenance-free
• Prevents scale build-up
• Easy to install

How It Works:
The ClearWave Water Conditioner generates a series of electromagnetic waves that prevents hard water minerals from clogging up pipes by breaking up and dissolving those minerals. This results in less damage to major appliances and prevents soap scum build-up.


Installing the ClearWave is as simple as 1-2-3 and takes less than 15 minutes. No tools are required and everything you need is included in the package. The ClearWave® can be mounted vertically or horizontally with water flow in any direction.
Option 1: Mount directly to pipe, wrap one antennae counterclockwise, the other clockwise.
Option 2: Wall mount with extendable antennae.


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