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iO HVAC Controls Retrofit Dampers RD Series

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Brand: iO HVAC Controls

Product Code: RD-XX


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These low-cost dampers make it easy to quickly add zoning to an existing duct system. The Retro Damper is the perfect alternative to expensive pneumatic systems that require special plastic tubing and pumps. This damper uses standard thermostat wire and will work with most zone control panels. 

RD-XX Series Retro Dampers can be used with most zone control panels which have the ability to directly power a 3-wire actuator. Each Retro Damper is rated at 24Vac, 2VA. The zone control system transformer must be sized to handle the total VA of all dampers. In some applications, additional dampers may require a relay and separate transformer.


Features and Benefits:

• Compatible with most zone control panels

• 18-gauge steel

• Installation flexibility

• Saves time and labor expense

• Resolves tight space issues

Warranty: 5 years


Construction 18-gauge steel

Sizes 5”, 6”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 10”

Damper Actuator Type 24VAC, 1.5VA, three-wire power open/power close

Timing 60 seconds

Retrofit Dampers are powered in both directions (3 wire actuators). Use iO-ZP3-HCMS, iO-ZP3-HPS or iO-ZP6 panels with Retrofit Dampers.

A total of 20 Retrofit Dampers per system AND no more than 8 dampers per zone can be powered using a 75A transformer.

RD-05, RD-06. RD-07, RD-08, RD-09, RD-10

Thumb File information
pdf-50x50.png iO RD-XX Retro Damper Specification.pdf 66.8KB 186
pdf-50x50.png RD Retro Damper Installation Sheet.pdf 52.46KB 196
pdf-50x50.png Retro Series Product Brochure.pdf 481.27KB 122
pdf-50x50.png Damper Selection Guide.pdf 605.52KB 88


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