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Unico M3036CL1-B 2.5-3 Ton Refrigerant Coil

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Brand: Unico

Product Code: M3036CL1-B

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UNICO | M3036CL1-B
  • 2.5 to 3 ton left hand 4 row refrigerant coil module with R410A TXV and stainless steel primary drain pan
  • Unico Model: 3036
  • Tonnage: 2.5-Ton, 3.0-Ton 
  • Model Series: M-Series
  • Motor Type: PSC, E
  • Nominal Capacity: 36,000 Btu/hr (10.5 kW)

The Unico System is a complete indoor comfort system that includes an indoor air handling unit and small duct system. The air handler and duct system were designed to operate together to provide the proper airflow in every installation. The conditioned air is supplied through a series of 2-inch ducts as a stream of air that entrains and mixes the room air. This process of aspiration produces a more even temperature distribution in the room. The Unico 'M' Series air-handling units consist of various modules that are easily latched together. The modules can be arranged in a vertical-up-flow, vertical counter-flow and horizontal-flow configuration. They can be combined as a heating-only, cooling-only, or heating and cooling air handler unit.

    • Slant coil for M2430, M3036 and M3642
    • Internally mounted TXV easily accessible, uses chatleff thread connections
    • Standard Unico System “latch” method
    • High Efficiency heat transfer surface
    • Two bi-metal switches to prevent freezing

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