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Mitsubishi PAR40MAAU Back lit remote controller

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Brand: Mitsubishi

Product Code: PAR40MAAU


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Mitsubishi PAR40MAAU Back lit remote controller

Product Summary


- Switches between ON and OFF.

• Operation mode switching

- Switches between Cool/Dry/Fan/Auto/Setback/Heat.

• Hold

- Switches between enable and disable the Hold function.

- If the Hold function is enable, the following functions will be


- ON/OFF timer/Schedule (Weekly timer) /Auto return/AutoOFF timer

• Temperature setting

- Changes the set temperature.

- Set temperature range varies depending on the indoor unit


• Fan speed setting

- Changes fan speed.

- Available fan speeds vary depending on the model.

• Air flow direction setting

- Changes airflow direction.

- Available airflow directions vary depending on the model.

• Louver setting

- Switches between louver ON/OFF.

• Ventilation equipment control

- Interlocked setting and interlocked operation setting with City

Multi Lossnay units can be performed.

- The Stop/Low/High settings of the ventilation equipment can

be controlled.

• Main display mode setting

- The Main display can be displayed in two different modes:

“Full” and “Basic.”



• B&W inversion

- The colors of the display can be inverted, turning white

background to black and black characters to white.

• Clock *2

- Date (year/month/day) and time (hour/minute) can be set.

- The set time as well as the day of the week will be displayed

on the Main display.

- It is also possible for the time to not display on the main


- The clock can be displayed in 12-hour format (AM/PM before

or after the time) and 24-hour format.

• Daylight saving time

- The start/end time for daylight saving time can be set.

- The daylight saving time function will be activated based on

the setting contents.

• Room temp. display

- The room temperature display can be enabled or disabled.

• Error information

- When an error occurs, an error code and the unit address


- The air-conditioning unit model, serial number, and contact

number can be set to appear when an error occurs. (The

above information needs to be entered in advance.)

• Filter information

- A filter sign will appear when it is time to clean the filter.

• Remote controller information

- The version of the remote controller can be checked.

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