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Unico A01802-K01 Circuit board Kit

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Brand: Unico

Product Code: A01802-K01

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UNICO |  A01802-K01
  • Replacement circuit board for all blower modules with model numbers ending in L+CB
  • Unico Model: 2430, 3642, 4860
  • Tonnage: 2.0-Ton, 2.5-Ton, 3.0-Ton, 3.5-Ton, 4.0-Ton, 4.5-Ton, 5.0-Ton
  • Model Series: M-Series
  • Motor Type: PSC
  • Power Supply: 24VAC


The control box comes with the setup software (ECMConfig) and a USB cable to connect to a personal computer running Windows 7 or 10 operating system. For Mac systems, it is sometimes possible to use a Windows emulator.The control is designed to operate a chiller or AWHP from the thermostat. For systems with multiple indoor units, the control board will communicate between them, making one the “Leader” and the others as “Followers”. In this way, each air handler knows whether the chiller is making hot or cold water and will turns on the blower as appropriate. This control board is only compatible with the Unico Electronically Communicated Motor (ECM). The control board comes standard with the following features:
  • Multiple Configurations: Compatible with refrigerant-cooling (AC) systems; refrigerant-heating (heat-pump) systems; chilled water systems, hot water systems, electric heat furnaces, and just about every practical combination of them.
  • Soft-start/Soft-stop: For the ultimate in quiet, the control board allows the blower motor to slowly ramp up to speed when it starts and slowly ramp down when it shuts off (total ramp time 45 seconds).
  • ASHRAE 62.2 Compliance: The SCB software will control the fan speed to provide the required amount of fresh air per ASHRAE Standard 62.2 (2010). See “Programming the SCB” for more information.
  • Ventilation Model: The SCB is pre-configured to provide ventilation air at 50 percent of the High Cool airflow rate.
  • Simplified Wiring: The control box was developed with the contractor in mind. All wiring terminals are clearly labeled and are designed for point-to-point wiring (one wire per terminal). In addition, all terminal connections can be made without passing the cables through the slotted bushing. All wires can be inserted into the bushing after the terminal connections have been made. Never again will you have to disconnect and re-wire the board because the cable was not pre-inserted through the bushings.
  • Accessories: The control board provides separate relays and contacts to energize a separate Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC), ERV, HRV, UV light, or fresh air damper. We also provide a relay to energize a humidifier with a separate humidistat input for proper control. The board allows the humidistat to control the fan so that humidity can be added even if the fan is not already on. And, of course, the control is smart enough to sense when the system is trying to cool, so that humidity is not added if in cooling mode. 
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