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Spacepak SPC-72 Pliers (PTO Clip Spreaders)

Description:SPACEPACK | SPC-72Pliers Individual Component for Installation of SpacePak® High Velocit..

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Spacepak SPRK Single Rough-In

Veteran Owed and Operated HVAC Supply, Spacepak rough-in to aid in placing supply outlets on exposed..

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Unico A00031-003 R22 TXV for M2436-A

Description:A 2 - 3 ton R22 valve with sweat connections for the first and second generation model #..

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Unico A00054-001 Motor

Description:UNICO | A00054-001Replacement motor for the MB2436H, Hp2436, VP2436 modulesTonnage: 2.0-..

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Unico A00056-G02 Fan Relay

Description:UNICO | A00056-G02Fan Relay, 1218/2436/4260 ST2 modelsReplacement for the MB2436, M..

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Unico A00060-K03 Anti-frost Switch

Description:UNICO | A00060-K03Single Anti Frost Switch kit (AFS)Opens at 34 (+/- 3 degrees) and..

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Unico A00060-K04 Anti-frost Switch

Description:UNICO | A00060-K04 2 frost switches spliced together for better frost protecti..

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Unico A00082-002 Blower Wheel

Description:UNICO | A00082-002 Blower wheel Replacement for the MB2436H and VP/HP2436 blow..

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Unico A00082-004 Blower Wheel

Description:UNICO | A00082-004 Blower wheelReplacement for the MB4260H blower modulesUnico Mode..

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Unico A00095-K02 Primary Drain Pan Kit

Description:UNICO | A00095-K02Primary drain pan for all 4260/3642 evaporator coilsHas 3/4" NPT threa..

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Unico A00122-001 Galvanized Coupling, 2"

Description:UNICO | A00122-001Coupling for aluminum tubingDuct Size: 2.0"Matching Duct Type: Aluminu..

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Unico A00137-002 Blower Wheel

Description:UNICO | A00137-002Blower wheelReplacement for the MB4260L blower moduleUnico Model: 4260..

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Unico A00138-001 Motor

Description:UNICO | A00138-001Replacement motor for the MB2436L blower module1/2 HP, 1625 RPM, inclu..

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Unico A00139-001 Motor

Description:UNICO | A00139-001Replacement motor for the MB4260L blower module1 HP, 1625 RPM, include..

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Unico A00175-K03 Standard Control Box

Description:UNICO | A00175-K03Standard control box kit for the blower modules ending in ST2Power Sup..

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Unico A00297-002 Slotted Outlet Face Plate

Description:UNICO | A00297-002Trim plate for the slotted outlets UPC-67/68Duct Size: 2.0", 2.5"Match..

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Unico A00326-K01 Refrigerant Coil

Description:UNICO | A00326-K01Replacement refrigerant coil kit for the U1218.Features:The Unico Syst..

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Unico A00351-003 Capacitor

Description:UNICO | A00351-00310 mfd oval capacitor for motor A01018-G03, G05, G07, G09, G14Unico Mo..

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Unico A00366-002 Thermal Expansion Valve

Description:UNICO | A00366-00210 mfd oval capacitor for motor A01018-G03, G05, G07, G09, G14Unico Mo..

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Unico A00624-005 3/4" Flow Switch for All Models

This is the water flow switch for all UCH & UCHR Unico chillers.  Switch, Flow, 3/4 W/Molex..

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Unico A00634-001 Fan Motor Capacitor

Capacitor, Fan Motor, 450VAC/5uF, 5mf capacitor used with the fan in the chiller..

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Unico A00721-002 UniChiller RC Outdoor 18" Fan Blade

Fan blade for all chillers built after 2005. Used with motor A01018-G15. ..

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Unico A00808-K14 Valve, TXV

Description:UNICO | A00808-K14 previous model was A00808-014Chatleff thread 3 ton R410A heat pump /c..

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Unico A00811-K03 Refrigerant Coil

Description:UNICO | A00811-K03Replacement refrigerant coil kit for the M4860CL1-E (TXV not included)..

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Unico A01018-G01 Motor Kit

Description:UNICO | A01018-G01Standard PSC motor for the U1218Unico Model: 1218Tonnage: 1.0-Ton..

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Unico A01018-G05 Motor Kit

Description:UNICO | A01018-G05Standard PSC motor for the M2430BL1/2-ST2Tonnage: 1.0-Ton, 1.5-Ton, 2...

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Unico A01018-G07 Motor Kit

Description:UNICO | A01018-G07ACB 2-speed motor for the M2430L+CBUnico Model: 1218, 2430Tonnage: 1.0..

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Unico A01018-G09 Motor Kit

Description:UNICO |  A01018-G09Standard PSC motor for: M3036, 3642, 4860BL1/2-ST2Tonnage:&..

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