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AG-4200E Primary Pan Sensor

Electronic Multipurpose Condensate Overflow SensorThe AG-4200E is the complete condensate management..

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AquaGuard AG-1100+ Switch for Metal Pan

Magnetic Float Switch System for Metal Secondary Drain Pans (Rectorseal 96100)FeaturesEasy, Drill-Fr..

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AquaGuard AG-1200+ Switch Metal/Plastic

Magnetic Float Switch System for Metal & Plastic Secondary Drain Pans (Rectorseal 96106)Features..

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AquaGuard AG-1250E Sensor for Metal or Plastic

Rectorseal 96108 Multipurpose Water Sensor For Metal / Plastic Secondary Drain Pans & ..

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AquaGuard AG-2550E Sensor & Access Port

Inline Water Sensor for Priming Drain Line and Secondary Drain Pan (Rectorseal 96110)FeaturesRemovab..

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AquaGuard AG-3150E Sensor With Time Delay

Plenum Rated Primary Pan Sensors With Time Delay (Rectorseal 96124)FeaturesTime delayInstall horizon..

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AquaGuard AG-3175E Sensor With Time Delay Pin

Description:AQUAGUARD | AG-3175EPlenum Rated Primary Pan SensorTime Delay Plus Bonus Secondary ..

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AquaGuard AG-3180E Sensor Time Delay Pin

Plenum Rated Micro Pan Sensor Plus Bonus Secondary Sensor (Rectorseal 96128)FeaturesTime Delay Up to..

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Rectorseal AG-4200M Magnetic Pan Sensor

Rectorseal AG-4200M AquaGuard 4200M SwitchDescription:Multipurpose condensate overflow sensor that c..

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Rectorseal AG-9100 AquaGuard External Audible & Visual Remote Alarm

The AG-9100 External Audible & Visual Remote Alarm is the ONLY multipurpose remote alarm th..

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