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Author: Lance Workman

  • Review Add on: 04/19/2019
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Had a slight communication problem with my order. Skip the Warehouse quickly corrected the problem and
shipped out the corrected amount of product. I was very impressed with the company's customer service.
Shipping time was amazingly fast. Don't hesitate to use Skip the Warehouse for your HVAC needs - I highly
recommend this company.
The Spacepak kwik connect wall 90 degree elbows assembled with the other Spacepak products very nicely.
Installation was a breeze. I used the 90 degree wall elbows not in the wall, but in the ceiling. This was to
allow for the supply tubing to lay flat on top of the attic ceiling which allowed for insulation to be applied
on top of the elbow and supply tubing more easily. No worry this way of the tubing at the outlet being pushed
down when attic insulation applied. Air volume and noise at the outlets were not affected by these elbows.
I would recommend them.

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