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Author: Vincent Tripicchio

  • Review Add on: 05/08/2019
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I just purchased this Goodman unit and could not be happier. (I'm replacing another Goodman unit that gave me exceptional performance. Located in New Jersey a few blocks from the beach, the old unit held up to the salt air elements better than can be reasonably expected...simply put, salt air accelerates any metal related deterioration at a feverous pace. Now onto the Company, as a Real Estate Company Owner and small developer, I can not overdo the experience with Val and Skip the Warehouse. My business origins are that of a retail buyer and a sincere appreciation of well run retail establishments. (Pricing in this instance is much more like wholesale). They offer exceptional knowledge, great pricing, and old-school relationship driven experiences...long gone in today's world of retailing. Give Skip the Warehouse a try, you will not be disappointed!

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