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Other Condensate Removal Products

Other Condensate Removal Products

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Blue Diamond T18016 Pump Fascia



QwikTreat QT2403 Condensate Pan Tablets

Sold Individually - 100 tablets per bottle.  Fast acting tablets control odors, and help r..


Rectorseal EZT-150 UltraTrap Waterless Trap Kit

Ultra Waterless Trap KitWaterless Traps eliminate standing water making freezing impossible. Can be ..


AG-4200E Primary Pan Sensor

Electronic Multipurpose Condensate Overflow SensorThe AG-4200E is the complete condensate management..


AG-4200M Magnetic Pan Sensor

Magnetic switch amd drain port for drain pansThe AG-4200M is the complete condensate management sys..


Blue Diamond MaxiBlue X87721 Condensate Pump W/ Reservoir 208-230V 3.7 GPH

This condensate pump is for environments with higher humidity and backed by a multi year warranty. &..


Blue Diamond MicroBlue X85003 Condensate Pump W/ Reservoir 110-230V 1.3 GPH

Silent pump mounted in wet or dry conditions.  This condensate pump is for environments with hi..


Blue Diamond X87835 MegaBlue 110-230v Dual-V Blue Diamond Condensate Removal Pump

The MegaBlue® has a slimline, lightweight design and is whisper quiet, it also has the performance t..


Drain Gun Ammo

SWOOSH CO2 Cartridges, pack of 6 for use with Charles Gallo Drain Gun for A/C Condensate Lines ..


EZ-Trap 83114 Economy Cross Trap Kit With Brush EZT-113B

EZT- 113B is 3/4″ Economy Blow Molded Trap KitThe ClearTrap line offers the most comprehensive range..


EZ-Trap 83180 Mini Waterless In-line Trap EZT-180

EZT-180 is 5/8″ Water less In-line Mini-trapOur Water less Traps elimi..


EZ-Trap 83210 Deluxe EZT-210

The EZT-210 is 3/4" Standard Switched Cross Trap Kit Suitable for many applications. The transparent..


Little Giant Condensate Pump Without Safety Switch

ApplicationsFor removal of condensate from an air conditioner, suitable for high efficiency, gas fur..