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Rectorseal 67202 Metacaulk Cast-In-Place Device

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Brand: Rectorseal

Product Code: 67202

Rectorseal 67202 Metacaulk Cast-In-Place Device

Single component Cast-In-Place device, approved for use with a multitude of penetrating items. Will prevent the spread of fire from through-penetration services in concrete floors.

  • Installs prior to concrete pour
  • Cast directly into concrete to form embedded intumescent service supply

• Integral intumescent firestop
• UL Classified systems up to 3 hrs
• Eliminates drilling of concrete
• Reduces labor time
• Tested in accordance with ASTM E814 (UL 1479)
• Assembled in USA

Product CodeTypeDimension
67202Cast-in-Place Device2-inch device (8-in. height)
67203Cast-in-Place Device3-inch device (8-in. height)
67204Cast-in-Place Device4-inch device (8-in. height)
67206Cast-in-Place Device6-inch device (8-in. height)
67232Height Extension4-in. extension for 2-in. device
67233Height Extension4-in. extension for 3-in. device
67234Height Extension4-in. extension for 4-in. device
67236Height Extension4-in. extension for 6-in. device
67222Deck Adapter Kit2-inch device adapter & 4-in. extension
67223Deck Adapter Kit3-inch device adapter & 4-in. extension
67224Deck Adapter Kit4-inch device adapter & 4-in. extension
67226Deck Adapter Kit6-inch device adapter & 4-in. extension

Thumb File information
Metacaulk Flyer.pdf 878.58KB 13
Metacaulk Install Instructions.pdf 1.38MB 11
Metacaulk Product Data Sheet.pdf 1.44MB 48
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