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QwikProducts QT1130 Qwik System Flush

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Brand: QwikProducts

Product Code: QT1130

QwikProducts QT1130 Qwik System Flush

Originally developed for U.S. Air Force pilots' oxygen breathing systems, the Qwik-SF is a biodegradable, non-toxic flushing agent with no long term health or environmental risks.  This same technology is now used for today's HVAC systems and is easy to use. The Qwik System Flush removes impurities, which include oil, sludge, acid and moisture.  Qwik-SF is a must use for system clean ups, retrofits and system burnouts.

Qwik System Flush®, is a superior formulation that is 9-10 times more effective in moisture absorption & acid removal than competitive products. QT1100 (2 lb Aerosol), QT1130 (1 lb Aerosol), or QT1150 (Complete Starter Kit with two 1 lb Aerosol Cans, Charging Hose, Can Access Valve, and QwikNozzle. Qwik System Flush® is OEM Approved.

Qwik System Flush® Packaging Options

  • QT1100 - 2 lb Aerosol Can (Services up to a 10 ton system)
  • QT1130 - 1 lb Aerosol Can (Services up to a 5 ton system)
  • QT1150 - Complete starter kit includes:
    • (2) 1 lb Aerosol Cans (QT1130)
    • (1) Can Access Valve (QT1105)
    • (1) QwikNozzle Line Set Flush Tool (QT1106)
    • (1) Short Charging Hose

Thumb File information
Lineset Flush Tool.pdf 1.74MB 12
Safety Data Sheet.pdf 172.72KB 8


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