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Arzel EzyFit Retrofit Boot-Loading Damper

Zoning allows you, the homeowner, to control how hot and cool air is delivered throughout your house, which optimizes comfort space.  With Arzel Zoning products, you can create different temperatures in different rooms of your house.  Zoning also dispenses any cold or hot areas and increases energy efficiency to create the greatest return on your HVAC investment.

The compact folded design allows contractors to slip the damper through the register while magnets set it firmly in place.  The gasketed blade shuts off airflow for minimal air flow leaks.  The EzyFit (STK-EZ) ensures quiet operation with the tight seal of the gasket material, eliminating noisy whistling.

  1. Available in 5", 6" and 7"
  2. Fits easily in boot-end, angled or straight or any type of metal duct work: horizontal or vertical
  3. Mix and match with other EzySlide dampers on a system
  4. Creates less turbulence in the register boot

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Arzel EzyFit Retrofit Boot-Loading Damper

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