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Carrier HB39GQ230 Condenser Motor 1/4 HP

Carrier, Bryant, Payne - Factory Authorized Parts - Carrier Replacement Motor - MOTOR CONDENSER 1/4 ..

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Carrier HC38GR237 Condenser Motor 1/5 HP

Carrier, Bryant, Payne - Factory Authorized Parts - Carrier Replacement MotorReplaces part HC38GR237..

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Carrier HK42FZ035 Circuit Board

Replacement board for Carrier Furnace 58MVP100-F-18120..

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Carrier Part P2914553RS Round Run Capacitor Dual

Capacitor - RUN CAP RNDS 370V 45/5 MFDCan Diameter1.97 inCan Max Height, Incl Terminal Len4.84 inCap..

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Condenser Fan Motor FSE1016SV1

Description48 frame, 1 speed, PSC1075 RPM, sleeve bearing, all-angle mountingReversible rotation, TE..

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GE 5313 Motor

Unit Bearing Fan Motor Watt Motors in Popular Ratings for Refrigerators, Freezers, Water Coolers, Re..

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Qwik Products QT2700 PuraClean Filter Spray

Filters treated with PuraClean® do a much better job of removing dust, debris, dander, mold spo..

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Qwik Products QT61XX QwikSwap

Direct Replacements for any Constant Torque or Variable Air Flow ECM motor up to 1 HP usin..

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Rectorseal RSH-50 Surge Protector

RSH50 - Surge Protective Device (SPD) for Single-Phase System 120/240 VACFeaturesLifetime WarrantyLo..

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Rectorseal RSH-60 Surge Protector

RSH60 - Protects all single phase, 120/240-V air conditioning, heat pumps and ductless mini-split sy..

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