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iO HVAC Controls iO-TS Temp-Stat Heating (10 Pack)

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Brand: iO HVAC Controls

Product Code: iO-TS

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Tempory Construction Site Heating Application Temp-Stat.

These low cost, non-adjustable, temporary construction thermostats are preset to a given temperature. Made in heating or cooling applications. Use in place of a regular thermostat that can be stolen, damaged or tampered with. Save on heating and cooling costs during construction or anywhere you need to maintain a given temperature.


Warranty: 1-year

Temp-Stat vs. Competitors

• Patented and manufactured since 1997

• A capacitor absorbs arc when the contacts open and close. This eliminates the production of heat which can cause the equipment to short cycle.

• Plastic cover also prevents short cycling of equipment by slowing the thermostat response time down

• Bi-metal gold ash contacts

• Two tests done on the bi-metal component and sorted by temperature at the factory

• Two more tests done in-house to ensure temperature di erential is accurate

• Approximately 1.5° temperature differential

Speci cations:

Input Voltage 24VAC, 1A or line voltage when used with a relay kit

Heating Only 41° F warehouse thermostat

55° F, 60° F, 65° F, 70° F, 75° F construction thermostats

Cooling Only 55° F compressor lockout thermostat

70° F, 75° F, 80° F construction thermostats 

Heating Applications

iO-TS41 41° Special Application Thermostat

iO-TS50 50° Special Application Thermostat

iO-TS55 55° Special Application Thermostat

iO-TS60 60° Heating Application Thermostat

iO-TS65 65° Heating Application Thermostat

iO-TS70 70° Heating Application Thermostat

iO-TS-75 75° Heating Application Thermostat

Thumb File information
pdf-50x50.png TempStat.ConcealAStat Brochure.pdf 7.43MB 11
pdf-50x50.png iO-CSRY240 Wiring Diagram.pdf 20.47KB 78
pdf-50x50.png iO-CSRY120 Wiring Diagram.pdf 20.69KB 80
pdf-50x50.png iO Temp Stat.pdf 317.5KB 61


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