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Aprilaire 1820 Crawl Space Dehumidifier

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Brand: Aprilaire

Product Code: 1820

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The Aprilaire Model 1820 Dehumidifier is designed to dehumidify the air coming into the unit by passing the incoming air over an evaporator coil to drop the air temperature below the dew point of the air. Moisture is removed from the air and drained out of the unit to a common floor or waste drain. The air is then reheated in the condenser coil and exits the unit. Dehumidification occurs until the set point is reached, then shuts off until periodic sampling determines a need for operation.


The Aprilaire Model 1820 Dehumidifier is the perfect solution for controlling humidity in crawl spaces; protecting against structural damage, pests and mold.


The Model 1820 can also be programmed to circulate the air within a crawl space. Circulating the air evens out relative humidity levels and temperature in the space, eliminating variations in the environment

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