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brackets for mini-split

Diversitech QSWB2000SS Quick Sling Wall Bracket

Features:Design allows for mounting units up and out or down and outAnti-vibration Isolation (4 poin..

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Rectorseal 87740 Hurricane Rated Wall Bracket

WBB500HR: Made from heavy duty steel with a hot dipped galvanized finish. The bracket features a sli..

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Rectorseal 87746 PCNG63 Slab Condenser Stand Galvanized Steel 440 lb Capacity

Slab Condenser Bracket, Galvanized steel 440 lb. capacityRaises condenser up to 131/2" above a ..

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Rectorseal 97705 Mighty Bracket
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Rectorseal 97705 Mighty Bracket - Labor Cutting Installation Tool SupportHook onto mini-split mounti..

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Rectorseal CNG Slab Condenser Stand Powdercoat 176 lb Capacity
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Slab Stand Condenser Bracket, Powdercoat 176lb. capacityMade from heavy duty steel with powderc..

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Rectorseal CWGL Duplex Mini-Split Condenser Mounting Stand

Powder-coat, 176 lb x 2 capacityMade from heavy duty steel with powder-coat finish. Securely mounts ..

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Rectorseal WBB300SS Wall Mounting Mini-Split Condenser Stainless Bracket

Wall Condenser Bracket, Stainless Steel, 300lb. capacity.Made from heavy duty stainless steel. The W..

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Rectorseal WBB500 Wall Condenser Bracket, Powdercoat Holds Up To 500 lb

Made from heavy duty steel with powdercoat finish. The bracket features a sliding cross bar for..

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Rectorseal WRB250 Slope Condenser Bracket Powdercoat Up To 330 lb
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Slope Condensor Bracket, Powdercoat, 330lb. capacity;Made from heavy duty steel with powdercoat fini..

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